Bijou Funnies No.6 Signed & Numbered Serigraph Print
Bijou Funnies No.6 Signed & Numbered Serigraph Print

Bijou Funnies No.6 Signed & Numbered Serigraph Print

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Wildwood Serigraphs and are exclusively releasing Crumb's Bijou Funnies #6 as our new signed serigraph edition. First published as a comic by Kitchen Sink in September 1971, Bijou #6 may not be Crumb's most famous cover, but it could be one of Crumb's most historically accurate narratives of the early '70s, a time that transformed Western civilization forever — Women's Lib! Aside from the social significance, which Crumb imbues with his own humor, the graphic implementation of the ray background is unique for Crumb covers, and works nicely with his playful masthead.

Publisher Alex Wood says, "If I had ten bucks every time I heard a customer complain how badly he wanted to buy Crumb's artwork but it wasn't exactly wife-friendly, I'd be flying to Bali first class. But now, here we have a classic Crumb print, and guess what fellas? Now you can finally buy a Crumb print for the wife." But you can buy it for whatever reason — the reason we printed it is because we like it, it's Crumb, and it's great. 

The signed and limited edition of 100 is printed on archival cream paper 20" x 25." The image is 14" x 18." It's a 21 color serigraph, and each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Final print sold (June 25th, 2021) This edition is now SOLD OUT.

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