Bookworms etching edition
Bookworms etching edition

Bookworms etching edition

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In 1984, Crumb illustrated the cover to a book store's catalog of rare books. I think that book store, Pepper & Stern, is still open in Santa Barbara, Ca.
In 2022, almost 40 years later, Crumb agreed to rework the drawing for a new etching edition. He removed the Pepper & Stern banner and drew in all the books that had been covered by it. It was Crumb's idea to name the edition The Bookworms.
The Hahnemuehe white paper is 13" wide by 16" tall. The embossed area is 8.5" x 11", the image is 7.25" x 9.5". Each print is numbered, signed and dated by R. Crumb. There are no "custom" signatures in this edition. Please, only one etching per customer. Even though we increased the edition to 70 instead of 40 or 50, there still won't be enough prints for all of the Crumb readers who will want a print from this edition.

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