Caring Naturally T-Shirt
Caring Naturally T-Shirt

Caring Naturally T-Shirt

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Mr. Natural is helping take care of the world with strategic, progressive ideas. Crumb drew this in the 1980's, so he was a little ahead of his time.  This 5 color design is screen printed directly onto this New Level Cream t-shirt which is 100% ultra-combed cotton, providing an extremely soft and luxurious feel. The screen print is guaranteed not to fade, crack or peel, so you can garden while wearing this t-shirt for years to come.
When a Next Level Cream t-shirt is laid down on a flat table and measured from armpit to armpit, these are the following measurements for each size:
S - 17" (34)
M -19" (38)
L - 21" (42)
XL - 23"(46)
2XL - 25"(50)

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