Creem serigraph print
Creem serigraph print

Creem serigraph print

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In 1969, while passing through Detroit, Crumb was requested to draw the cover for a new Rock n' Roll newspaper called Creem. Being part of the underground art movement, Crumb obliged the youngsters in Detroit. But he did it with mixed feelings–Crumb did not appreciate modern pop music. So, while on one hand he gave them what they wanted, on the other he slyly added his own allegory: the pop music industry (the spray can–Mr. Dreamwhip) saturating the kids with white, fluffy stuff. Since the only copy of the artwork we could find was an actual newspaper cover from 1969, we scanned that and I spent the summer cleaning it up (each side of each line–it took a long, long time). When I finished, I mailed the restored artwork (printed in high resolution on bristol board) to Crumb in France where he reworked and finalized it. He mailed it back to me with a color guide. I color separated the artwork to his specifications and then printed the edition in December of 2021. It was signed and numbered in France in January of this year. We're pleased to release this 16 color serigraph edition of an image that was always meant to be in color. There are 110 prints in the edition, each print numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. And each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity written by Crumb. The cream, archival Rives BFK paper is 20" x 27." The image size is 14" x 19." Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Alex Wood/printer & publisher As of September 12th, there are five prints left in this edition. Those five remaining prints are now selling for $420 each. But that's half the amount they'll be selling for once the edition sells out.

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