Crumb's comments on the reissue of the Mr. Natural #3 comic, interviewed by Alex Wood.

In early 1976, The Village Voice hired Crumb to do a full page weekly strip of Mr. Natural. Crumb created 40 pages until he could no longer continue the strip. Almost a year later, in 1977, Denis Kitchen proposed they compile the strips into one comic book. Crumb agreed, and then created the front and back covers and then the inside covers to complete the comic. It was first published by Kitchen Sink in 1977.

It's been out of print for more than 10 years. 37 years after it was first published, I scanned and cleaned each page of a pristine "first printing" comic book (Crumb's copy). I rebuilt the color pages so there will be no moire patterns. Crumb Comics is now pleased to release another "lost" Crumb comic book -- Mr. Natural #3, one complete continuous story featuring Mr. Natural.

I have interviewed Crumb about this comic book... what he was going through when he created it and what he thinks about it now.

- Alex Wood, Wildwood Serigraphs