Crumb's World Hardcover Book
Crumb's World Hardcover Book

Crumb's World Hardcover Book

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A new hardcover book entitled Crumb's World has just been released by David Zwirner Books. Zwirner Gallery (New York & London) sell Crumb's original artwork and have now published a 190 page book of the artist's work. The book opens with an essay by Robert Storr and some introductory historical cartoons which influenced Crumb. The publisher's headline reads as: R. Crumb’s obsessions—from sex to the Bible, music, politics, and the vicissitudes and obscenities of daily life—are chronicled in this comprehensive book of work by the illustrious American comic artist.
The cover is illustrated and designed by Crumb so it's, needless to say, fantastic. The back cover also features a new self-portrait of Crumb, which is hilarious. The book features all-color pages of Crumb comic book covers, pages from his sketchbooks, pages from his Kafka book, some strips in black and white (Footsy and The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick), and drawings from his Art & Beauty series as well as some recent portraits. 
The hardcover book is 7.75" x 9.75 inches, nicely bound, with thick, smooth paper–a well-published book.
Due to receiving more orders than we anticipated, we're currently out of stock with this book. We'll have it back in stock by April 14th and we'll fill backorders then. 

$40 Free shipping to US residents only. We're unable to mail this book outside of the US because it's so heavy and therefore too expensive to mail.

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