Hup Comics Issue #2
Hup Comics Issue #2

Hup Comics Issue #2

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  • "The Mighty Power Fems Versus the Horrible Homunculi" script by Robert Crumb (as Art Bumm) (plot) and Ari Karumba (script), pencils by Robert Crumb (as Arika Rumbo) (breakdowns) and Bmurc Trebor (pencils), inks by Robert Crumb (as C. Rumbun). 
  • "If I Were a King" Crumb imagines that he's king; Anyone the slightest bit familiar with his comics knows what happens next. 
  • "The Meeting" Mr. Natural invites Flakey over to his apartment to discuss activism; With Devil Girl on the premises, though, things go awry in a hurry.
36 Pages | B&W.

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