Hup Comics Issue #4
Hup Comics Issue #4

Hup Comics Issue #4

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  • "Can You Stand Alone and Face Up to the Universe?" Crumb's thoughts on existentialism and religion. 
  • "R. Crumb, The Old Outsider, Goes to the Academy Awards" Crumb attends the 1991 Academy Awards. 
  • "Distractions, Distractions!!" When Flakey Foont goes to Mr. Natural for guidance, Mr. Natural turns him off with his superior attitude. 
  • "You Can't Have Them All--Magnificent Specimens I Have Seen" Crumb reminisces about women, especially those with big behinds and legs, that he has been infatuated with. 
  • "A Bitchin' Bod'!" script and art by Robert Crumb; Mr. Natural shoves Cheryl's head inside her neck and gives her to Flakey. 
36 Pages | B&W

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