Kiwi serigraph edition
Kiwi serigraph edition

Kiwi serigraph edition

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In 1979, Crumb released Best Buy Comics. I think Aline worked on several strips with Crumb in this comic. It was right after they married. This half-page strip Kiwi is found toward the end of that comic. I always liked this little strip, and after years (and years!) of a particular Crumb fan begging us to create this image as an edition, Crumb and I finally relented. Crumb slightly reworked the black line, but not too much as he usually does–I was surprised. Then he sent me his color rough done with water colors. We both agreed that the image should stay small. I think it's one of the smallest images we've ever published. 
I printed the edition on Rives BFK cream archival paper. The image is 9" x 6.5". The paper is 15" x 13". There are 80 prints in the edition with 9 artist proofs and 3 printer proofs. 16 colors were used to print this edition which is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This cert will tell you which colors were used and in what order they were printed. But what's more interesting is it also contains Crumb's notes on the image and his artwork in general. I very politely and humbly asked Crumb to rewrite the second half of his copy for the certificate but he refused, basically using Popeye's motto "I yam what I yam" to justify what he wrote. I guess that works for me and it will probably work for you should you buy the print and read it yourself.
The prints were mailed to France where Robert numbered, signed and dated them in the month of January.
I want to add that Robert and I selected this image to be our next edition in the early summer of 2022, before anyone knew of Aline's condition. The fact that Robert did not acknowledge the coincidental similarity of his and the kiwi's condition in the last panel is an indication that he prefers to be more private about his mourning at this time.
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