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Robert created this strip for the back of the Mr. Natural #3 comic book (originally printed by Kitchen Sink, 1977). It's an interesting strip because it portrays two different points of view from one very talented mind. On one hand, Robert is well aware of the advantages of positive thinking (and he was obviously well-versed in the lingo of the "healthy and positive" therapy gaining momentum at that time). On the other hand, we have R. Crumb, the critical thinker. The result is a hilarious strip, with great lines like "Anybody who is well-adjusted is sick!" and "It's America that needs to be changed, not me!" Just as relevant today as it was when he created this. 

The 17" x 24" paper used is Somerset Velvet 255 gram archival paper. The image is 13" x 19," printed with archival Epson Ultrachrome inks. Release date: January 21st (MLK Holiday on the 20th).

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