Mr. Natural #1
Mr. Natural #1

Mr. Natural #1

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Crumb drew and published his first Mr. Natural comic book in 1970. 50 years later we're releasing that cover as our new edition with slight revisions per R.C's request. The yellow explosion from Mr. Natural's shoe as he's kicking Flakey Foont was originally filled with yellow, which had always bothered Crumb. By his instruction, it's now changed to white. The masthead was initially some kind of dark blue which Crumb requested we change to a "blood red." You can learn more about the edition, Crumb's color selection and the way we printed it on the blog section of this website.

The edition is 90 prints using Rives BFK 280 gram archival paper. The paper is 18" x 25." It's a 13 color edition. The image is 13" x 18.5." Each print is numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. Each print also comes with its own certificate of authenticity, which was written by Crumb. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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