Mr. Natural's 719th Meditation giclée print
Mr. Natural's 719th Meditation giclée print

Mr. Natural's 719th Meditation giclée print

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Some history of Mr. Natural's 719th Mediation
Crumb originally drew this 3 page comic strip in his first Mr. Natural comic book (Mr. Natural #1, Apex , 1970). When Crumb and I talked about the idea of using his three page Mr. Natural's 719th Meditation strip,  we initially thought about stacking the pages vertically encased by a Buddhist thanga border, but we couldn't find any suitable reference material that would support the idea. So then we looked at different ways to arrange the panels. It was Crumb's idea to stack them 6 x 6. Once we rearranged the panels, Crumb then created a color guide, something that took him some time. Meanwhile, I cleaned up the black line artwork he gave me (took me almost a month). Finally, while color separating, I followed Crumb's color guide faithfully–he did a fantastic job with the color. 
So we now proudly present this 300 print giclée edition for all those Mr. Natural fans who were unable to purchase the serigraph before it sold out. It closely resembles the serigraph edition which was released earlier this year. However, we have made several minor changes: the upturned earth in the construction panels is darker than the surface sand; a building in the background has been changed to a brick building.
The size of the image is the same as the serigraph edition: 16" x 18". The size of the Somerset Velvet 255 gram archival paper is 20" x 24". Each print of the 300 print edition is hand-numbered. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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