PENSIVE LOVE by UTAMARO serigraph print
PENSIVE LOVE by UTAMARO serigraph print

PENSIVE LOVE by UTAMARO serigraph print

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Best known for his bijin-ga prints (or "pictures of beautiful women"), Utamaro is one of the masters of Japanese woodblock printing. He drew a vast array of the women from Edo (what is now Tokyo), from courtesans to mothers, in many different settings, from geisha houses to bedrooms to bathrooms. Utamaro’s enormous popularity was not limited to Japan. During the 19th century, Utamaro's ukiyo-e designs influenced Western artists and collectors.
This print is called Pensive Love. We used 9 colors to recreate Utamaro's famous woodblock print. Each serigraph is printed on archival cream Rives BFK paper. The paper is 22" x 30." The image size is 16" x 24." Every print in this 200 print edition is titled and numbered in pencil. Each print is accompanied with our guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back. 
Note: There is a very subtle blend in the woman's face-neck-chest, from very white in her face down to a very light tan on her chest where she did not apply her make-up. I don't think this is discernible in the photograph.

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