The Illustrated Book of Genesis (hardcover)

The Illustrated Book of Genesis (hardcover)

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Crumb's detailed and historically accurate rendering of "The Book of Genesis" took over four years to complete, and the results are astonishingly intricate and beautifully illustrated. Every word of the first book of The Bible is included (and hand-lettered).

"A beautifully drawn and relentlessly faithful rendition of the first 50 chapters of the Bible... Crumb has produced what could be the ultimate graphic novel." -- USA Today

"To say this book is a remarkable volume or even a landmark volume in comic art is somewhat of an understatement... stands on its own as one of this century's most ambitious artistic adaptations of the West's oldest continuously told story." -- The Jewish Daily Forward

Published by W.W. Norton & Company in a hardcover edition, 224 pages, 8.8 " x 11.2"

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