The Music Never Stopped t-shirt
The Music Never Stopped t-shirt

The Music Never Stopped t-shirt

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The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead is a compilation album of songs, performed by the original artists, that the American rock group the Grateful Dead covered and performed live throughout their career. Crumb illustrated the album cover for its release in 1995. It's screen printed directly onto a Next Level !00% combed cotton cream shirt (cream Next Level t-shirts are slightly darker than natural t-shirts). The image is 12.5" x 12.5"– we had to print a large image to keep all the detail.
Next Level t-shirts are luxuriously soft with a tight knit; one of the best 100% combed cotton shirts on the market.
When a Next Level Cream t-shirt is laid down on a flat table and measured from armpit to armpit, these are the following measurements for each size:
S - 17" (34)
M -19" (38)
L - 21" (42)
XL - 23"(46)
2XL - 25"(50)

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