Weirdo Comic No. 10

Weirdo Comic No. 10

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n 1984, with Weirdo #10, Peter Bagge took over as editor. But very little has changed from what has gone before–R. C. still gives us a cover and 8 pages of Mode O'day & Her Pals. New Jack Bagge pawns off his 8 page The Reject. Star showing of the issue is Kaz with his epic-in-six-pages "Delirious". More art and stories by Lynda Barry, Savage Pencil, J. D. King, Dennis Worden (Stickboy), Cora Lloyd, David Coulson, Ken Weiner, Aline Kominsky Crumb and Drew Friedman. Bonus feature: a reproduction of 1930's humor zine "The Peanut Vender", courtesy of Mark Newgarden.

This comic was reprinted in 1993 and is in mint condition.

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