Weirdo Trading Card Set
Weirdo Trading Card Set

Weirdo Trading Card Set

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This box of R. Crumb's Weirdo Card Set is a collection of all of Crumb's Weirdo covers he illustrated between 1981 and 1993, and even some unpublished covers as well. There were a total of 27 issues published, so there are some images which the public has never seen as they were never published. On the back of each card features bios of contributors to the magazine over its lifetime–DREW FRIEDMAN, JUSTIN GREEN, KIM DEITCH, ALINE KOMINSKY-CRUMB, CAROL TYLER, PETER BAGGE, DORI SEDA, JIM WOODRING, S. CLAY WILSON, MARY FLEENER, BOB ARMSTRONG, SPAIN RODRIGUEZ,  J.D. KING, JULIE DOUCET, HARVEY PEKAR and DIANE NOOMIN among many others.
R. Crumb's Weirdo Card Set is identical in format to R. Crumb’s other three boxed card sets: Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music, all from Denis Kitchen Publishing, which we also carry on this site. The Weirdo card sets contain 40 trading cards (+ 3 bonus cards) in a nifty 3” x 4” x 7/8” box.

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