Well-Adjusted t-shirt
Well-Adjusted t-shirt

Well-Adjusted t-shirt

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For anyone who wants to feel comfortable in this 100% Ultra-cotton heavyweight t-shirt without anything printed on front–with nothing to prove, nothing to promote... except maybe, very subtly, you might wanna say, "Anybody who's well-adjusted is sick!" This image is printed on the left-sleeve to subtly celebrate your love for Crumb's genius. It's fun, it's understated, it's comfortable and it's subtle. Available now and ready to ship immediately. This is a five color print screen printed directly onto a Gildan Indigo heavyweight Ultra-cotton t-shirt.
SIZES: If the Gildan Indigo t-shirt is flat upon a table, these are the measurements from armpit to armpit:
S–17 inches (34)
M–19 inches (38)
L–21 inches (42)
XL–23 inches (46)
2XL–25 inches (50)

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